Minecraft LEGO Stop Motion

MInecraft LEGO Stop MotionI’ve finally begun publishing my MineCraft LEGO Stop Motion Videos and want to keep them in one place. Hopefully, I can create and publish one per week, as LEGO Minecraft is now my main focus for my BrickFlicksTV YouTube Channel.

I hope you like the videos, and they can only get better as I figure out the complexities of Stop Motion Lighting, Camera Setting and editing in Adobe Premiere Pro. It’s a step learning curve, but I want to make sure I release videos consistently so I can look back and see where it all started.

Sometimes the journey is as important as the destination and using the LEGO Minecraft Sets allows me to focus on the ideas and production rather than trying to procure bricks and build sets. Although, I do have another Brick Flick Series in mind, but more on that later.

I love watching brick flicks and have plenty ideas of my own, so making LEGO Stop Motion Videos seems like the obvious path. It’s a lot harder than I imagined and hopefully, I can work up to 2-4 minute features in the future.

My LEGO Minecraft sets are growing, and I can’t wait to see which MOBS LEGO releases next. LEGO + Minecraft makes a lot of sense and you don’t need a lot of imagination to create interesting play scenes. Of course, it depends on the number of bricks you have in the Minecraft colors and as always I never have enough.

For a full list of the current LEGO Minecraft sets check out this page.

Anyway enough rambling from me. Enjoy the show…

Minecraft LEGO Stop Motion Brick Flicks

The PickAxe Chase

The PickAxe Chase is my first LEGO Minecraft Video and I love this model from the LEGO Minecraft Crafting Box. It was supposed to be tagged onto my speed build for the PickAxe but I had doubts it was good enough, so I left it out. Then I decided this needed to see the light of day, so I worked hard to make it watchable. I hope you enjoy it.

Lesson Learned: Anyone can make a LEGO Stop Motion animation. Even me!


MooPig was shot on a GoPro Hero 4 as I was on holidays and had a LEGO Stop Motion itch I had to scratch. I was sure how filming was going to go as there aren’t a lot of options for focus on a GoPro but was happy on how it turned out. This Pig is going to become a focus in my videos as he starts to get a personality of his own. Now he just needs a name 😉

Lesson Learned: A quick brick flick is not always a good one.

It’s Time to Dance

Ok, I was a little bored and created ‘Bonkers’ which I’ll publish a little later and as it turned out ok I thought I’d extend the idea a little. And to my surprise, this short Minecraft video turned out ok.

And yes that’s a Zombie break dancing. Even the Iron Golem can’t help himself after a while.

Again this was shot on a GoPro Hero4 and I feel I’m getting better at editing with my Adobe Premier Pro Software. What do you think?

Lesson Learned: Dance and Break Dancing work well with these figures. The Minecraft skeletons are hard to animate.



This was actually the first dance video I did as a bit of fun, and this soundtrack was perfect for it. Although it has copyright issues, YouTube seem OK with it and any money will just go back to the original artist. Seems fair enough.

I’m sure we can all get along in this heavily disputed copyright world we live in, and I’m not trying to do the artist out of a living but rather just want to expose their art to more people.

Lesson Learned: Using a popular soundtrack doesn’t make your video more popular.  It just means you have no rights to the advertising and if it appears.

One Pig Two Pig

I’m sure if you can tell but I was a little limited in LEGO Minecraft sets for these Stop Motion Animations. In fact, I was getting by on just ‘The First Night’ and the Crafting Box. But as you can see that’s plenty for one’s imagination.

However, I now have access to another 8 Minecraft sets, so time is my enemy now, and not limited supplies of LEGO.

One Pig Two Pig, introduces the idea that this Minecraft pig is a really cheeky one and Steve is perhaps a little slow. I’ve also purchased another 5 baby pigs, for an idea you’ll see further down the track.

Is it possible to have too many Minecraft LEGO Stop Motion ideas?

Maybe I should outsource the production of these stop motion videos so I can work on bigger ideas. 😀

Lesson Learned: Comedy does work in this niche.

An Unexpected Delivery

Finally, a little bit of Minecraft toilet humor, Minecraft does have toilets doesn’t it? In this LEGO Minecraft video, Steve gets an early morning delivery and can’t find a little peace and quite.

It appears the GoPro Hero4 is becoming my camera of choice for LEGO Stop Motion, because it’s easy to setup small and doesn’t really require a bulky tripod. Plus, the wireless feature makes taking the pictures a breeze from my smartphone.

I hope you enjoyed this Minecraft Animation, but I’ve already been told I need to blow up more things by my 7-year-old daughter. Maybe in the next video 🙂

Lesson Learned: Sometimes fart jokes are a good way to finish a Stop Motion Animation.

The Walking Dead Trailer

As my LEGO Minecraft Zombie collection grows it got me thinking how I could use them in a Minecraft LEGO Stop Motion animation. Of course the series “The Walking Dead” came to mind and this trailer was born.

In the end, I still didn’t have enough Minecraft Zombies so I had to use a little movie magic to make it look like I twice the Zombies than I really had. Although during a recent trip to the USA gave me an opportunity to stock up with more Zombies 🙂 I even got a free one from a nice Lady at the LEGO store in Portland 😀 Thanks, Holly, you were great!

Expect more LEGO Minecraft themed Zombie Stop Motion animations as a really like this genre. And after all, Halloween is only just around the corner MuaHahaha!

Lesson Learned: You can never have enough Zombies in your kit. Plus the two Zombies walking were hard to distinguish. More space needed next time.

Bring it On

This was my first attempt at a fighting scene and well as you can see it never really reached the climax. Damm Creepers!

Maybe I’m just not cut out for the fighting stuff, as I can’t tear myself away from humor. Everything is funny to me, so hopefully I can learn to share these jokes with you in a meaningful way.

Perhaps one day I’ll feel confident enough to include some of my own work on the Funny LEGO Minecraft Videos compilation page.

Lesson Learned: Masking is a great way to give your character some animation, but always put the brick behind the model. Similar color studs work best.

Along Came a Spider

Those Minecraft Zombies really are dumb aren’t they? In this Minecraft LEGO Stop Motion, I creatively use the Minecraft Cave Set – 21113 to practice my Minecraft mining techniques. And I introduce the Cave Spider which is actually quite big compared to little minifig Steve.

Although, a Minecraft Cave Spider is no match for a little TNT. Boom!

It’s time to bring back the BANG!

Leason Learned: You can animate using just one LEGO Minecraft Set

Tick Tick Boom

OK, my kids wanted more explosions, so I wonder how well Skeleton’s end up when faced with a little TNT surprise.

Minecraft Skeleton’s are a little smarter than Minecraft Zombies, or at least that’s what they think. And with each stop motion animation, I find myself defining the personalities for these characters, which I’ll carry through in each video they appear.

The animation I use for the explosion isn’t ideal as it’s not quite like the Minecraft 8-bit style, so when I learn Adobe After Effects a little more, I might try to produce one for myself.

Of course, expect this to be available for anyone to download as we are all in this LEGO Stop Motion Community together. Stay Tuned…

Lesson Learned: TNT is fun and making an Explosion scene in Adobe After Effects is hard.

The Desert Outpost

Ok, from the outset I’d like to put my hand up and say I wasn’t happy how this LEGO Minecraft Stop Motion turned out. Is it perhaps because of the intro or maybe the GoPro didn’t give me a clean a shot as I’d like. (Mental note check the lens to make sure it doesn’t have fingerprints on it)

Regardless of the excuse, I had to publish it, because it forms part of my LEGO Animation journey and although I’m thinking this is a backward step now, it’s also the first stop-motion since coming back from an Overseas trip. And to be honest I’m having trouble getting back into the swing of things.

One highlight for me in this Stop-Motion video was the Skeleton swimming which turned out better than expected. I still have much to learn and that’s why it’s important to keep moving forward and continue to experiment with different ideas.

Lesson Learned: Experimenting is Good, but it doesn’t always turn out the way you like.

When Skeletons Attack

OK, this is the Minecraft LEGO Stop Motion I should have created and it’s my first attempt at animating Minecraft Arrows. I think is turned out great and I’m still learning to stage my scenes a lot better. Sometimes I

Sometimes I’m trying to do too much all at once and the screen can kinda get busy.  As I approach my maiden LEGO Minecraft Movie and Series I’ll need to keep that in mind.

That said, I think this is my best-structured video yet, all thought the fight scene could have been more EPIC!

Lesson Learned: The Iron Golem really really works well in LEGO Stop Motion videos. Make fight scenes much longer.

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And if you have any other LEGO Stop Motion Ideas please let me know.