The Best LEGO Ninjago Stop Motion Videos

LEGO Ninjago Stop Motion VideosAre you looking for LEGO Ninjago Stop Motion Videos? Then you’ve come to the right place because I’ve found some really great LEGO Ninjago stop motion animation for you to watch.

And although LEGO Stop Motion is hugely popular, there are only a few people taking the time to put together some good LEGO Ninjago videos.

Of course, LEGO also commission Stop Motion videos and the production quality is high, but passion beats deep pockets any day.

So let’s get this ball rolling with my favorite Ninjago videos…

LEGO Ninjago Stop Motion Videos



CooperAceProductions are one of the long established players in the LEGO Ninjago Stop Motion Scene. And unlike other studios, who just push out single brick flicks in an effort to determine if it’s worth their time, CooperAceProductions have committed to the long haul.

Their ongoing LEGO Ninjago series has been running for several years now and they continue to keep their viewers entertained.

This video is just a sample of the quality work they produce. It’s short but covers the full range of LEGO Stop Motion Animation techniques and Post production effects you can use.

And plus this video has already had over 200k views.

If ‘Sharing is caring’ then people care about CooperAceProductions.

LEGO Ninjago Movie 2 – Curse of Morro

DTinaglia Studios

Although this video has only a few Stop Motion Scenes it succeeds in telling the story with just static scenes and clever transition effects. You can tell DTinaglia Studios understands the basic of movie making and can hold your attention over the full 30 minutes of this video.

Just try to start watching this video without hanging around to see what’s next.

Lego Ninjago Battle Between Brothers

J.E.T. Productions

Again another great LEGO Ninjago Stop Motion video, and this time, this stop motion is created with existing LEGO Ninjago voice-overs. It’s a great reminder that the best place to start with LEGO Stop Motion Animation is by recreating existing scenes, so you can focus on the Stop Motion as the storyline is already made for you.

Ninjago stop motion – Jay VS Kai


In this EPIC Ninjago Battle, we see Jay facing Kai, and it’s an amazing fight scene. But who is the stronger Ninjago?
Although, this LEGO Ninjago video is almost 2 minutes long this high action fight scene passes much too quickly. The Stop Motion Animation is smooth and utilises a lot of post production techniques to get a polished result.

Clearly, this is the benchmark of LEGO Ninjago Stop Motion and equals the quality released by the LEGO group themselves.

Producing quality brick flicks like this takes considerable time in both the animation and post production processes, and is usually a result of a dedicated professionals orcommissionedd work.



Another CooperAceProduction and this time it’s just one of many parts to the ongoing LEGO Ninjago Stop Motion series created by this team. Apart from LEGO pushing out the ocassional LEGO Ninjago Stop Motion video, CooperAceProductions consistently contributes to the LEGO Ninjago Stop Motion community.

But don’t stop there, go back and watch all the LEGO Ninjago Stop Motion video series from these talented brothers.

Ninjago Stop Motion Short: Jay’s Crazy Day!


Well, this is a crazy day for sure, a face paced LEGO Ninago action movie with a twist or should I say spin 😉

You can tell PsychicBlast had real fun producing this Ninjago video, and this is the way it’s meant to be. LEGO Stop Motion is about entertainment and not realism, so although a 25fps Stop Motion looks great it might not always be worth your time and effort.

15fps is the standard but even that’s hard to manage when you’re first starting out. First and foremost your video should be about the storyline as fans of LEGO already have a good imagination and tolerate jerky stop motion and poor voice acting 😉

Worst Bad Guy – LEGO Ninjago – Stop Motion


Finally, I have to give the LEGO Group a special mention because they have an ongoing Ninjago series where boys and girls are interviewed about LEGO Ninjago and the story is replayed via a Stop Motion Video.

It is very well done, but it’s unlikely the LEGO Group are creating these animation themselves, so I’m less likely to give them credit as I’d prefer to credit the actual studio producing this work.

Nonetheless, this series is worth watching, because kids do say the funniest things and it’s even funnier when translated into the Ninjago World.


So there you have it. LEGO Ninjago Stop Motion is alive and well, and keeps delivering on the action you expect from Ninja’s. Of course, the moment I published this list, it was probably out of date, as new Ninjago videos are regularly being released on YouTube, and yet sometimes it takes a while for them to bubble to the top.

I’ll make an effort to update this page as I become aware of other cool Ninjago videos, but if you find one that deserves to be included in this list, come and find me on Twitter @BrickFlicksTV or say ‘Hi’ on my YouTube channel, BrickFlicksTV.

And don’t forget to check out the awesome LEGO Ninjago Coloring Pages you’ll find on this site.