LEGO Creator – Big Ben 10253 – Review

LEGO Creator Big Ben 10253The Big Ben 10253 LEGO Creator set is nothing short of amazing. With over 4,000 pieces and 4 printed clock faces you’ll want to ensure this one is added to your Creator Collection when it’s released.

This model of Big Ben features the Westmister Palace and the adjoining Elizabeth Tower which holds the bell we commonly know as Big Ben.

The scale is in line with the Tower Bridge – 10214 Creator Set, so the two can sit comfortably side by side, and look in proportion to each other.

The clock faces are custom printed from the back so they could include a working clock, where the hands turn when the knob on the side is rotated.

Overall the detail is this design reflects the period in which the original building was made. LEGO have managed to reuse and re-color existing elements for this design and it appears that the printed clock faces are the only new elements.

  • Big Ben measures over 23” (60cm) high, 17” (44cm) wide and 7” (20cm) deep.
  • Retails for – US $249.99 – CA $299.99 – DE 219.99€ – UK £169.99 – DK 1999.00 DKK
  • Available from July 1 2016
  • Skill Level – Expert

Here’s the full video, describing the LEGO Creator Big Ben – 10253

Do you own this set?

LEGO have certainly out done themselves this time, and this version of Big Ben – 10253 beats the LEGO Architecture Series version, hands down.

Perhaps LEGO are moving more towards these detailed models in the Creator Series as a new direction for the Architecture Models. I guess only time will tell, but I’m one who’d certainly like to see more detailed LEGO Architecture models in the future.

Getting clever and designing a model with as few pieces as possible, doesn’t get me up in the morning.

For me it’s the more pieces pieces the better.

And I know LEGO have a price point in mind for these models, so it’s unlikely we’ll ever surpass the 5922 piece Taj Mahal – 10189 set released back in 2008.

As the prices go up, it’s likely the total pieces will come down.