BrickFlicks LEGO Stop Motion Spotlight

BrickFlicks LEGO Stop Motion SpotlightWelcome to the BrickFlicks LEGO Stop Motion Spotlight. This page is dedicated to the LEGO stop motion creators who put in hundreds of hours into LEGO Stop Motion and never really get the exposure they deserve.

YouTube can be a fickle place and it’s possible to have a YouTube Channel that’s years old, and yet gets very few views. Such is the dominance of the YouTube channels with the large subscriber base that can command hundreds of thousands of views with a single click of the ‘Publish’ button.

So the aim of this BrickFlicks LEGO Stop Motion Spotlight is to recognise the struggling Stop Motion artists and to give them another voice.

We all want to be rich and famous, don’t we?

Well at the very least we want our work to be seen by the people that matter. The LEGO Stop Motion Fans.

How to get Featured on the BrickFlicks LEGO Stop Motion Spotlight

Well, it’s simple. To be seen and produce awesome LEGO Stop Motion Videos.

OK, maybe that’s a little too simple so let me break it down even further.

As I’m an active LEGO Stop Motion creator I don’t have time to search for all the great content out there, all though I try my hardest to do so. Therefore, it’s best you make me aware of your YouTube channel and videos before I do.

How can you do this?

Firstly, stop by my Youtube Channel and say ‘Hi’. I regularly check out your channels even though most don’t ask me to do this. Adding constructive comments is definitely a way to get my attention and flags that you know what you’re talking about.

Secondly, I regularly go through my SUBS to see what they are up too. I know there are plenty of lurkers out there that aren’t confident to draw attention to themselves so just subscribing is another way you can be seen by me.

Finally, a combination of commenting and subscribing is the best way to keep getting my attention.

And as I’ll only put the spotlight on ‘One’ new creator per week, there are certainly limited places to go around.

Oh, and of course you’ll need some great LEGO Stop Motion Videos to show off. But I guess you knew this already.

And don’t worry if you only have a few SUBS because this isn’t a popularity contest, it’s more about your LEGO Stop Motion than about how popular it is.

Plus, Plus, Plus – I’m also featuring the selected LEGO Stop Motion Animator on my YouTube Channel 🙂

How not to get Featured on the BrickFlicks Stop Motion Spotlight

Having  a Channel with over 10,000 SUBS – This will not get you featured as over 10,000 SUBS is considered to have made it on YouTube. You probably don’t need any more help but rather just need to keep making awesome stop motion videos.

Bugging me to be in the Spotlight – Pestering me to be in the spotlight will not get you a gig. Rather spend your free time building something awesome to get featured. If you need ideas, just ask in the comments and someone will surely give you that spark to create magic.

Writing hateful comments – LEGO is and will always be family friendly, so if I read hateful messages written by you, I’m unlikely to consider you for a Spotlight, no matter how good your videos are.

Help me to get you Noticed

Now I’m a professional blogger and know how to drive traffic to web pages, but sometimes that isn’t enough.

I’ll need your help to make this work, so if you are selected for a spotlight, I’d appreciate a link back to this page. This link will show the Google Search Engine that this page is important enough to be shared with other people.

Example Link Back:

This video was featured on the BrickFlicks Stop Motion Spotlight –

It’s that simple and a link back will help a lot. In return, you’ll be featured on the main page of BrickFlicks.TV for the entire week. This is awesome because visitors to this site will see what you have to offer.

BrickFlicks LEGO Stop Motion Spotlight Awards

What? No one told me they’d be an award.

Well, depending on the popularity of this idea, I might find a prize for the most popular video over the next 52 weeks. Details to be confirmed as the year progresses.

Now onto the reason why you are all here. The videos duh!

Featured LEGO Stop Motion Videos