7 LEGO Star Wars Stop Motion Videos worth another look

LEGO Star Wars Stop Motion VideosIn a galaxy far far away there’s a battle raging between good and evil, but here on Earth, we have LEGO Star Wars Stop Motion videos with just as much action.

The Star Wars franchise is almost 40 years old and the first LEGO Star Wars sets were released over 16 years ago so it’s no wonder there has been a few LEGO Star Wars Stop Motion videos made during this time.

But not all Stop Motion Animation is created equal so today I take another look at some of the best.

Star Wars LEGO rocks!

Top 7 LEGO Star Wars Stop Motion Videos Ever

# 1 – The Fastest and Funniest LEGO Star Wars story ever told

Now there’s a little bit of controversy on who actually made this LEGO Star Wars Stop Motion video  but this is the earliest published version I could find. However, combined views, with this video and the prequel is over 30 million so I think it’s a fair assumption this video is hugely successful.

So if you’ve got a few minutes spare then you should definitely watch this movie.

You won’t be disappointed.

#2 – Lego – The Force Unleashed

One Word – EPIC!!!

If you love a great Lightsaber duels and are a fan of LEGO then you must watch this video before you die. We’ll at the very least spend a few minutes enjoying the awesomeness that is LEGO Star Wars Stop Motion.

#3 – Lego Star Wars – The Force Unleashed 2

The force is strong in this one.

This is an alternative ending made for the original The Force Unleashed Star Wars Video and was actually made by a fan of the first video. That’s right this ending was made by a fan and just proves you don’t need a good idea to make a massively popular LEGO Movie. Rather find a popular movie and just make an EPIC ending.

#4 – Lego Star Wars: Grandpa Vader and Kylo Ren

Just taking a look at the thumbnail prepares you for the laughs in this Stop Motion Video. It’s a little over 6 minutes long but the laughs keep coming throughout the whole movie.

This isn’t strictly a LEGO Star Wars Stop Motion video and includes many of your favorite LEGO characters, but it’s a Darth Vader story and that’s all I need to include this in the list.

Watch it. You won’t be disappointed.

#5 – LEGO Star Wars:Duel of the Fates

Another awesome LEGO Star Wars Stop Motion lightsaber duel video. Let’s face it, the fight scenes in Star Wars are always the best aren’t they? And the dedication required to photoshop every frame in the stop motion animation to get the lightsaber glow effect is absolute dedication to the craft.

And the easter egg in this video must be the inclusion of Mega Bloks for some of the sets. Afterall LEGO is really expensive so who can blame them.

#6 – LEGO Star Wars: Storm Trippin 2 – A New Home

This is an unexpected love story that would have otherwise been buried in the Star Wars franchise because it didn’t respect the good vs evil struggle we’ve come to expected.

But really, it’s just a funny LEGO Stop Motion using some of your favorite Star Wars characters.

Oh, and this is part two, if you want to check out part one then click here.

#7 – LEGO Star Wars Battle of Mygeeto

This LEGO Star Wars Stop Motion has been around for awhile but still worth another look, if you appreciate the amount of work that goes into a video like this.

You see, LEGO Stop Motion isn’t just about taking photos but just as important is the story, scenes and final edit.

Enjoy this stop motion video and appreciate the time it takes to make a video with this much detail.


So there it is,  7 LEGO Star Wars Stop Motion videos you’ve probably watched, but worth enjoying again.

And again.

And again.

If you’ve got another favorite Star Wars Stop Motion that deserves to be included in this list, come and find me on Twitter @BrickFlicksTV or say ‘Hi’ on my YouTube channel, BrickFlicksTV.